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Christopher S. Alexander, IM 1970
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
Hypercom Corporation

Robert A. Anclien, IM 1969, MS IM 1970
Partner (Retired)
Accenture, PLC

Steven R. Baldwin, IM 1971
Chief Operating Officer
Elarbee, Thompson, Sapp & Wilson, LLP

Kelly H. Barrett, IMGT 1986
Vice President, Internal Audit
The Home Depot

Richard L. Bergmark, IMGT 1975
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Core Laboratories

Robin Bienfait, MS-MoT 2001
Chief Information Officer
Research in Motion

Roger E. Blythe, Jr., MGT 1978
Vice President, Business Analysis
Chick-fil-A Inc.

Jeni S. Bogdan, MGT 1989, MS MOT 1996
Saxon Group, Inc.

David A. Bottoms, GMGT 2001
Vice President, Benefits & Compensation
The Bottoms Group, LLC

Neil K. Braverman, IM 1960
Consultant (Retired)
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Andrew E. Cripps, IMGT 1981
IMAX Europe, Middle East and Africa
Executive Vice President
IMAX Corporation

C. Richard Crutchfield, IM 1969
Executive Vice President (Retired)
Equifax Incorporated

Stephen M. Deedy, IMGT 1981
Managing Director
Alix Partners, LLC

Christopher C. Demetree, IMGT 1986
Value Plus Ventures

Joseph W. Evans, IM 1971
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
State Bank and Trust Company

Thomas A. Fanning, IMGT 1979, MS IMGT 1980
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
The Southern Company

James F. Frazier Jr., IM 1971
Frazier & Deeter

L. Thomas Gay, IM 1966
Gay Construction Company

Robert M. Gilson Jr., IMGT 1973
Industrial Metal Fabricators, Inc.

Marion B. Glover Jr., IM 1965
President & Chief Executive Officer
Glover Capital, Inc.

Terry A. Graham, IM 1969
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (Retired)
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

W. Daniel Heidt, IM 1963
Executive Vice President (Retired)
Boeing Company

Lawrence P. Huang, BMGT 1973
Chief Executive Officer
Radical North America

Keith D. Jackson, MGT 1988
Vice President, Human Resources
AT&T Mobility

Dennis H. James Jr., MGT 1992
Chief Executive Officer
International Media Technologies

Omar R. Janjua, IMGT 1980
Sonic Restaurants, Inc.

Gary T. Jones, GMGT 1971
Professor of The Practice in Finance
Georgia Institute of Technology

Stephen M. Jordan, IM 1971
Capco, Inc.

N. Richard Kalikow, IM 1964
Manchester Real Estate

C. Whitney Knoll, IM 1970
Newmark Grubb

George W. Levert, MS IMGT 1974
Managing Director (Retired)
UBS Financial Services

Henry P. Linginfelter, IMGT 1983
Executive Vice President, Distribution Operations
AGL Resources, Inc.

William J. Magee, IMGT 1985
Vice President, Sales
Shaw Industries Group Inc.

Benton J. Mathis Jr., IMGT 1981
Managing Partner
Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP

Lawson “Jack” McConnell, IM 1959
Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
Pinnacle Financial Corporation

Alexander H. McGraw III, MGT 1992
Vice President, Finance
The Home Depot

Jack O. McMillan Jr., IMGT 1977
Chief Executive Officer (Retired)

Cooper Mills Jr., IM 1968
CHILDS Advisory Partners

Michael A. Neal, IMGT 1975
Vice Chairman
General Electric Company

Gregory J. Owens, IMGT 1982
Chairman &  Chief Executive Officer

David B. Pearce, IM 1970
President and Chief Executive Officer
NuvoSun, Inc.

John D. Pelton Sr., IM 1962
Chairman of the Board (retired)
The Pelton Group

W. Derek Porter, MGT 1995
Blue Ridge Ventures

Daniel Reardon, IMGT 1986
President and Chief Executive Officer
North Highland Company

David P. Rowland, IMGT 1983
Senior Vice President-Finance
Accenture – Atlanta

Gregory L. Sheldon, IMGT 1982
Chief Information Officer
Duquesne Light Company

Mark V. Smith, IMGT 1979
Managing Member
Savannah Investors
South Atlantic Utilities

Richard N. Speer, GMGT 1970
Chief Executive Officer
Speer & Associates, Inc.

James E. Trimble, MGT 1991
Senior Vice President & Director, Private Banking
Fidelity Bank

S. Brent Zelnak, MGT 1994
ZP Enterprises, LLC

Charles Brady, IM 1957
Chairman Emeritus

W. Mansfield Jennings Jr., IM 1956
ComSouth Corporation

A. J. Land, IM 1960
Pope & Land Enterprises, Inc.

Julian LeCraw Sr., IM 1952
President (Retired)
Julian LeCraw & Co.

Ernest Scheller Jr., IM 1952
Chairman Emeritus
Silberline Manufacturing Company

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