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Four business administraton majors will represent Tech at Deloitte's National Consulting Case Competition.

Scheller Team Wins Tech Round of Deloitte Consulting Case Competition

A team of four Georgia Tech business administration majors recently won the Georgia Tech round of the Deloitte Consulting Case Competition. 

Team "Mytikas", named for the pinnacle of Mount Olympus, will represent Georgia Tech in Deloitte's National Consulting Case Competition at Deloitte's campus in Westlake, Texas, from February 27 to March 1.

The team includes Gillen Heisler, Nadine Marfurt, Elton Chang, and Kate Bill.

"The level of enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the Georgia Tech students during our recent Case Competition was very impressive," says Deloitte’s Technology Principal Donna Gray. "It was great to see the students applying classroom learnings to a real-life business scenario."

In the initial round, students applied to compete as teams. They were encouraged to be creative in the use of a single slide to convey their team's strengths, abilities or skills as well as what the team members hoped to gain in the case competition and why they would be successful. Nine teams were selected for the second round.

The second round of began with a kickoff meeting and orientation to the case, followed by the first of two two-hour weeknight sessions in the company of young Deloitte employees who answered questions about the case approach. All teams presented at Deloitte's offices, where they were evaluated by experienced consultants. After the winning teams were announced, each team received one-on-one feedback from Deloitte employees. 

"It was a very exciting few days and I am thankful for the great opportunity to get such deep insight into consulting," says winning team member Nadine Marfurt.

"It was a wonderful learning experience," adds her teammate Elton Chang, "as well as a great introduction into the consulting world and Deloitte as a whole."

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Director of Communications
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Assistant Director of Communications