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Tungo won second-place for its tongue-guided wheelchair technology.

Cardiam’s technology aims to help physicians determine the proper drug and dosage for patients suffering from cardiac diseases.

TI:GER Teams Excel in 2012 Business Plan Competition

Two teams from the Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER® Program) – Tungo and Cardiam – excelled in the 2012 Georgia Tech Business Plan Competition.

A collaboration between Georgia Tech and Emory, the TI:GER program brings together PhD science, MBA, and law students on teams to work on commercializing innovative technologies.

Tungo won second place ($3,000) for its plan to commercialize a system enabling paralyzed individuals to steer a wheelchair via tongue movements as well as operate smart phones, computers, and other technology. Tungo's Tongue Drive System employs magnetic sensors to wirelessly track the motion of the user’s tongue and translate these motions into commands.

The team included Hangue Park, a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering; MBA students Nikhil Kurien and Michael Lindsay, and Emory law students Steve Ferketic and Jake Greenberg. They also won the Product Showcase Award ($500) for best presentation in the trade show. Their technology has received national media attention from major outlets including CNN, CNET, The New York Times.

Cardiam won the Most Innovative Award (worth $10,000 in legal, financial, and other services) for its technology that aims to help physicians determine the proper drug and dosage for patients suffering from cardiac diseases. Currently, physicians have difficulty predicting how individual patients will react to certain anti-platelet drugs.

Cardiam’s rapid, point-of-care diagnostic device analyzes a small sample of a patient’s blood using cutting-edge techniques in optics and microfluidics to detect patient response to common anti-platelet drugs.

Cardiam team member Melissa Li has been developing her team's technology during her doctoral studies in biomedical engineering at Georgia Tech. Other members of the Cardiam team include: Tom Ausman and Daniel Ng, both Georgia Tech MBA students, and Jesse David and Lance Hochhauser, Emory University law students.

Cardiam was recently accepted as a semi-finalist to compete in the upcoming New Venture Championship in Portland, Oregon.  

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