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Faculty Profile: Accounting Professor Mulford Refines Art of Synergy
If you want to know how accounting professor Charles Mulford has time to accomplish all that he does in a day, he’ll sum it up for you in one word: synergy.
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Broome Recognized as GT 1000 Instructor of Year
Stan Broome, corporate relations manager in Scheller’s Undergraduate Office, who was selected as the GT 1000 Outstanding Instructor of the Year at Georgia Institute of Technology.
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Georgia Tech's MBA Ranked in Bloomberg BusinessWeek's Top 30
Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business is ranked 28th (9th among public universities) in Bloomberg Businessweek's latest rankings of the nation's top full-time MBA programs.
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Scheller College of Business Remembers Professor Sandra Slaughter
Professor Sandra Slaughter, world-renowned for her contributions to information technology research, died unexpectedly on November 3.
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PhD Alumni Profile: Watson-Manheim Explores Workplace Changes Enabled by Communications Technology
Everywhere you go, people are focused on their cell phones: talking, texting, answering email and checking social media — and much of this activity is job related. In an age when it's possible to be engaged electronically with the world all the time, it's worth considering, How are computing technologies changing the way we work?
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Alumni Profile: Degrees in Science and Business Are Winning Combination for Accenture's Sutcliff
As digital technology links things together in useful ways, it often imparts a high level of systemic complexity. This means that developing answers to difficult problems requires a new way of thinking, according to Georgia Tech alumnus Mike Sutcliff, the group chief executive of Accenture Digital, who holds a master’s in management from Scheller College of Business.
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Faculty Profile: Jennifer Carson Marr Studies Career Setbacks and Comebacks
Jennifer Carson Marr admits that she had a naive view of what it takes to make it to the top in the corporate world when she first began her career.
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Tech’s Quantitative and Computational Finance Program Ranked 8th
Georgia Tech’s Master of Science in Quantitative and Computational Finance (QCF) is ranked 8th in the nation by the Financial Engineer and 10th in North America by QuantNet.
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