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Alumni Profile: Steve Zelnak's Management Style Turned the Ordinary into Extraordinary at Martin Marietta Materials
Knowing how to disarm explosives is good preparation for running a major corporation, according to Stephen P. "Steve" Zelnak Jr., retired CEO and chair of Raleigh, N.C.-based Martin Marietta Materials.
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Executive MBA Profile: Degree Proved Key to Career Change for Yolanda Upshaw
Yolanda Upshaw works for Equifax as a process improvement leader, a job that involves looking for efficiencies and opportunities for continuous improvement. Prior to joining the Atlanta-based consumer credit reporting agency, the Windsor, Conn., native embarked on another improvement project — herself.
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Georgia Tech Researcher: Increasing Financial Leverage Could Benefit Companies
Many profitable, publicly traded corporations may be leaving money on the table by not issuing more debt, increasing their financial leverage, according to Andras Danis, an assistant professor of finance at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business.
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Georgia Tech Scheller College Launching Supply Chain Leader Development Program for Corporate Clients
Due to popular demand, Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business’ Huang Executive Education Center will launch a consortium-based Supply Chain Leader Development Program in spring 2015.
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Scheller Study: Crowd Science Provides Major Boost for Certain Research Projects
Crowd science is making possible research projects that might otherwise be out of reach, tapping thousands of volunteers to help with such tasks as classifying animal photos, studying astronomical images, counting sea stars and examining cancer cell images. Also known as “citizen science,” these efforts to involve ordinary people in research projects have attracted interest from policy makers, scientific agencies and others.
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Scheller Formalizes Four New Interdisciplinary MBA Concentrations
Based on discussions and feedback from industry leaders, students, and an assessment of future trends, Scheller College’s renowned faculty recently formalized four new interdisciplinary concentrations of MBA study: Business Analytics, Managing Innovation and Technology, Quantitative Finance, and Strategic Sustainability.
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Alumni Profile: Tech Provided Great Environment for Brian Edgerton to Explore Sustainability
Before enrolling in Georgia Tech’s MBA Program, Brian Edgerton had long been interested in sustainability. “But when I came to Tech, I had the opportunity to embrace it,” he says.
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Alumnus/Professor Gary Jones Brings Real-World Financial Experience to the Classroom
The year was 1974. Gary T. Jones, three years out of what is now Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, had just finished his MBA and wanted to gain more experience in the financial industry.
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