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Finance and Accounting for Non-financial Managers Program

Georgia Tech's Finance and Accounting for Non-financial Managers Program (FANFM) is a certificate program designed to provide experienced managers with hands-on concepts, tools, and techniques in finance and accounting. Participants will learn how to use finance and accounting information to improve their operating decisions as well as work more effectively with colleagues serving in finance and accounting functions.

This program will benefit non-financial managers in such areas as marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering and  operations as well as leaders who have been promoted through such functional areas. The program also benefits technical professionals making the transition into management roles. No background in accounting or finance is required.

Contact us now to explore ways to customize this program for delivery at Georgia Tech’s Huang Executive Education Center, or your location. Our faculty and subject matter experts will work with your company to tailor a program to meet your unique needs.

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Narayanan Jayaraman

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  • Financial Accounting I: Understanding Financial Statements
  • Financial Accounting II: Evaluating Financial Performance
  • Managerial Accounting: Planning, Controlling, and Decision Making
  • Financial Forecasting and Managing Growth
  • Evaluating Corporate Investments I
  • Evaluating Corporate Investments II
  • Creating Value through Effective Financing Decisions
  • Short-term Financial Planning
  • Global Financial Management
  • Business Valuation and Corporate Restructuring
  • Personal Financial Planning