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Marr, Jennifer Carson

Jennifer Carson Marr

Assistant Professor

Academic Area(s):

Jennifer Carson Marr is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, at the Scheller College of Business, at Georgia Tech. She received her PhD in Organizational Behavior from London Business School in the UK, and her MSc in Organizational Behavior from Queen's University in Canada.

Professor Marr's research examines motivation and status hierarchies. Her research was awarded the Best Paper Award at the Academy of Management Conference, it has been published in top academic journals including Academy of Management JournalOrganizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Psychological Science, and it has been profiled in various media outlets including The Washington Post and The Financial Times.

Published Papers

  • Marr, J.C., & Cable, D. (2014). Do interviewers sell themselves short? The effect of selling orientation on interviewers’ judgments. Academy of Management Journal, 57, 624-651.

  • Marr, J.C., & Thau, S. (2014). Falling from great (and not so great) heights: How initial status position influences performance after status loss. Academy of Management Journal.

  • Pettit, N. C., Sivanathan, N., Gladstone, E., & Marr, J.C. (2013). Rising stars and sinking ships: Consequences of status momentum. Psychological Science.

  • Marr, J.C., Thau, S., Aquino, K., & Barclay, L. (2012). Do I want to know? How the motivation to acquire relationship threatening information in groups contributes to paranoid thought, suspicion behavior, and social rejection. OBHDP, 117, 289-297.