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Students are consistently exposed to sustainability and social and environmental ethics content as they progress through core and elective courses. These dedicated sustainability courses, through the Center for Business Strategies for Sustainability, help students gain a strong focus in sustainability.

Sustainability Electives

MGT 6359    Business Strategies for Sustainability
This course offers a holistic view of the interaction of businesses with the environment. It outlines reasons why businesses would want to care about environmental issues, introduces environmental assessment and management tools, and visits topics from various business functions. A novel feature of the course is innovation tournaments for sustainability.

MGT 8803    Sustainable Business Consulting Practicum
Students gain knowledge in three important areas: management consulting, sustainability, and project management. This course takes students through a crash course in management consulting skills and also provides an understanding of important sustainability frameworks and approaches. Students then form teams and scope, plan, execute, and deliver a 12-week consulting project for participating companies.