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The goal of MOT is to provide a foundation for managerial decision-making in organizations driven by developments in technology and science. Learn how to leverage a technical background to design and implement strategic operational initiatives. Gain a multi-functional perspective to drive innovation across an entire organization. Acquire the intellectual tools to bridge the gap between business management and technology systems.

Management of Technology Electives

MGT 6326    Collaborative Product Development
Introduces tools and concepts linking development to strategy, and for managing the development process for speed, efficiency, and market impact.

MGT/ISyE 6772    Managing Resources of the Technological Firm
The focus of this course is the analysis of the challenges associated with managing a firm's resource capabilities for long-term competitive advantage. Particular emphasis is placed on planning under conditions including rapid technological innovation (in products and processes), international competition, and changing markets.

MGT 6799    Legal Issues-Technology Transfer
Understand the legal and business issues that a new technology company faces from creation until an IPO. Understand how best to capitalize on the technology developed by your company, including the transfer of technology and the use of technology as a capital asset in connection with venture capital funding and mergers and acquisitions. Learn about the issues that may arise in the course of the growth of your business and when and why such issues may arise.