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Learn to innovate and create value throughout your career by leveraging a deeper understanding of trends around resource scarcity, environmental concerns, and societal needs. Gain the knowledge to help organizations develop and implement sustainability initiatives impacting all functions of an organization throughout the value chain.

Sustainability Electives
MBA Program Courses

MGT 6059    Emerging Technologies
Analyze and make decisions around emerging technologies. Apply techniques for scanning the horizon for emerging technologies. Predict which technologies will be successful and why. Describe environments in which technologies emerge. Sustainability is a key topic covered in the examination of technologies related to energy and transportation.

MGT 6113    Non-Profit Team Consulting Projects
Teams work on a project developed in consultation with a not-for-profit organization, and present results to organizations and boards.

MGT 6165    Venture Creation
Learn how to create, design, find, assess, and shape opportunities. Understand and apply the strategic process of venture creation. Develop and present a venture creation plan. Covers ventures starting from scratch or within an organization. Develop a sense of how to make decisions and execute strategies.

MGT 6359    Business Strategies for Sustainability
This course offers a holistic view of the interaction of businesses with the environment. It outlines reasons why businesses would want to care about environmental issues, introduces environmental assessment and management tools, and visits topics from various business functions. A novel feature of the course is innovation tournaments for sustainability.

MGT 6326    Collaborative Product Development
Introduces tools and concepts linking development to strategy, and for managing the development process for speed, efficiency, and market impact.

MGT/ISyE 6772    Managing Resources of the Technological Firm
The focus of this course is the analysis of the challenges associated with managing a firm's resource capabilities for long-term competitive advantage. Particular emphasis is placed on planning under conditions including rapid technological innovation (in products and processes), international competition, and changing markets.

MGT 8803    Sustainable Business Consulting Practicum
Students gain knowledge in three important areas: management consulting, sustainability, and project management. This course takes students through a crash course in management consulting skills and also provides an understanding of important sustainability frameworks and approaches. Students then form teams and scope, plan, execute, and deliver a 12-week consulting project for participating companies.

MGT 8903    Independent Study
Faculty advised.

Applicable Courses from Other Georgia Tech Graduate Programs

CP 6412/PUBP 6000    Local Economic Development Planning and Policy

ISyE/PUBP6701    Energy Technology and Policy

ECE 8803    Power System Economics
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to electricity economics, including economic theory, electricity markets, and policy. The behavior of the physical system including the grid, and the market is modeled in detail and simulated through software including auction and trading exercises. Emphasis is given to current trends: renewable energy, information systems, smart grid, and consumer empowerment as drivers for market architecture.

ME 8833    Materials for Energy Systems and Energy Policy