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Become a more effective manager, communicator, and problem solver. Find out how to manage change in organizations, create a positive culture, and develop strong leadership skills that foster productive working environments. Concepts, theories, and skills learned in these courses will be immediately applicable in your professional career and useful for the rest of your life.

Organizational Behavior Core Courses

MGT 6127    Business Communications
Designed to improve verbal communication skills and the use of effective visuals for presentation through the understanding and application of a wide range of techniques.

MGT 6100    Leadership & Organizational Behavior
The focus of this course is on behavioral issues in the management of individual, team, and organizational performance. This course will develop a systematic understanding of why people behave the way they do in formal organizational settings and in how that knowledge can be translated into practical organizational applications. The class will examine behavioral issues in the management of individual, team, and organizational performance.

Organizational Behavior Electives

MGT 6106    Teamwork in Organizations
Preparation to succeed as a leader, manager, and member of teams. Design effective teams and implement effective team procedures. Explore theories and frameworks to identify threats and opportunities in teams. Leans on case studies, team exercises, and simulations.

MGT 6107    Leadership & Organizational Change   
Learn challenges and methods of leading through change. Course includes change simulations. Explores change management in mature organizations. Discusses what makes an effective change agent. Examples of change include rapid growth or business turnaround.

MGT 6110    Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Explore the process of bargaining and negotiation. Learn and develop your own conflict resolution and bargaining style. Emphasis on negotiation through exercise and role plays. Understand spectrum of situations managers face that call for effective bargaining.

MGT 6111    Innovation and Entrepreneurial Behavior
Understand the different types of innovations. Recognize and reduce barriers to innovation. Lead, cultivate, and manage innovation. Stimulate creativity in individuals and groups. Manage the innovation process and pipeline.
(This course is also part of the Entrepreneurship area.)

MGT 6113    Non-Profit Team Consulting Projects
Teams work on a project developed in consultation with a not-for-profit organization, and present results to organizations and boards.

MGT 6114    Leadership Development
Understand why leaders lose their way and the self-awareness needed to avoid derailment. Understand leadership principles, values, and ethical boundaries, and how they and others might respond under pressure when challenged. Learn how to use motivation to build support teams and lead an integrated life. Optimize leadership effectiveness.

MGT 6116    Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Organizational Behavior
Examine how managers and employees become more effective leaders by understanding the role gender, race, and ethnicity play in the life of the organization. Understand the way the majority views itself and what effect this has on change within the organization. We will explore how a leader can use an understanding of these divergent styles to enhance both the individual's and group's effectiveness.
(This course is also part of the International Business area.)

MGT 8803    Uncertainties of the Emerging World
Gain a strategic understanding of geopolitical matters such as geography, natural resources, population, ethnicity, religion, and global finance. Understand how these issues shape international business and strategic decision making.
(This course is also part of the International Business area.)