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Find out what drives customers' purchase decisions. Examine the entire marketing mix and identify opportunities to build customer loyalty. Learn to think creatively and act decisively. Gain a holistic perspective on the interdependent nature of the global marketplace, how to manage teams in a market-driven business, and development of proven strategies.

Marketing Core Courses
MGT 6300    Marketing Management
Presents and develops the primary marketing variables that are used in designing an overall marketing program. A system approach is taken with the variables managed to optimize overall results.

Marketing Electives

MGT 6302    Consumer Behavior  
Examines in greater depth a number of business, managerial, and economic issues related to electronic commerce and electronic business. Focuses specifically on business model innovations and economics of information in the context of electronic commerce and electronic business. Exposure to tools by which consumer behavior is researched and analyzed. Apply insights into consumer behavior to make decisions.

MGT 6303    Sales and Channels Management  
Gain an understanding of the management of the sales function. The importance of the marketing-sales interface will be stressed.

MGT 6304    Customer Relationship Management
Understand the emerging practice of customer-centric marketing and the role of CRM in firm decision making. Learn techniques that firms can use to manage customer relationships. Learn analytic procedures that support strategic decision making. Learn the typical problems that companies encounter in implementing the CRM strategy.
(This course is also part of the Business Analytics area.)

MGT 6306    Business to Business Marketing  
This course studies the marketing of products or services for resale, for use in producing other goods, and service operations of an enterprise.

MGT 6308    Strategic Brand Management
Increase the understanding of the important issues in planning and evaluating brand strategies. Provide the appropriate theories, models, and tools to make better branding decisions. Provide a forum for students to apply these principles in a high-tech environment.

MGT 6310    Marketing Research
Learn the skills to translate management problems into marketing research problems. Gain the ability to analyze problems systematically. Develop critical eyes for marketing research and understand its contributions and limitations. Gain a working “hands-on” experience with the full process of marketing research.
(This course is also part of the Business Analytics area.)

MGT 6320    Marketing Response Models  
Knowing that a company can take actions that affect its own sales market response models can be used to aid in planning and forecasting. The models are estimated by regression techniques.

MGT 6325    Product Planning  
Examines issues inherent in product development and product management. These include product strategy, idea generation, market development, product positioning, test marketing, and launched brand management.

MGT 6335    International Marketing
Understand the international competitive position of U.S. as well as foreign firms. Develop awareness of the environmental factors affecting international marketing. Understand the similarities and differences of international versus domestic marketing. Provides the knowledge and skills needed for the administration of the international marketing function. Introduce the international dimension of ethics and its complex issues.
(This course is also part of the International Business area.)

MGT 8803    Advertising  
Learn advertising's most important functions and influences, and specify how it fits into an organization's overall marketing strategy. Recognize the many social, ethical, and legal issues that confront advertisers. Examine the roles, responsibilities, and interactions of the various groups that create, produce, and implement advertising programs. Understand how market segmentation, consumer behavior, branding, and brand positioning relate to the process of creating and placing successful advertisements. Understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of different media options, including print, broadcast, interactive, and supplemental media. Discuss how advertisers evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising programs.

MGT 8803    Digital Marketing
Understand the various components of the online marketing channels at a high level including websites, microsites, and portals. Gain a deeper understanding of various marketing channels including mobile marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Understand concepts behind search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising concepts.

MGT 8803    Marketing Practicum
Gain experience in solving marketing problems faced by organizations. Understand marketing and business problems faced by organizations and develop the relevant skills for critically analyzing these problems and providing a tractable solution.