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Managers need an understanding of the legal and ethical environments in which they operate. Make more informed business decisions through knowledge of the laws governing contracts, commercial relationships, employment, intellectual property, and business formation. Learn to apply ethical frameworks to the decision-making process, employ corporate social responsibility, and manage risks associated with legal and ethical issues.

Law and Ethics Core Courses

MGT 6124    Business Ethics
A participative class consisting of lectures by the instructor, case analysis, discussion of contemporary ethical business issues, and presentations by speakers.

MGT 6128    Legal Environment of Business
This course involves an examination of laws, rules, and standards of regulation and conduct, guidelines, and systems of conflict resolution relating to business operations and administration.

Law and Ethics Electives
MGT 6799    Legal Issues-Technology Transfer
Understand the legal and business issues that a new technology company faces from creation until an IPO. Understand how best to capitalize on the technology developed by your company, including the transfer of technology and the use of technology as a capital asset in connection with venture capital funding and mergers and acquisitions. Learn about the issues that may arise in the course of the growth of your business and when and why such issues may arise.
(This course is also part of the Management of Technology area.)

MGT 8803    International Business Law
The GATT and the World Trade Organization. The regulation of import competition and unfair trade. Regional trade agreements in North America and European Union. International commercial and sales laws. Imports and customs law. Intellectual property rights and licensing. Labor and employment discrimination law.

MGT 8803    Law for Entrepreneurs
This course covers selection of legal entity; public offerings; ownership structure; sales and lease contracts; loan agreements; venture capital negotiations and agreements; debtor-creditor relations; employment law; and intellectual property law.

MGT 8803    Privacy, Technology, Policy, and Law
Big data has created numerous challenges in how to build private and public institutions to achieve the benefits of greater information flows while managing the risks to personal privacy and cybersecurity. This course seeks to equip students to understand the multiple perspectives relevant to managing privacy in an organization, both for private-sector companies and for government.
(This course is also part of the Business Analytics area.)