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The Information Technology curriculum highlights the critical role of information systems in organizations. Understand the design and development of such systems. Learn how to transform information technology into business applications that deliver sustainable value across the entire organization from some of the world's most intelligent IT management professors.

Information Technology Management Core Courses
MGT 6123    Information Technology Management
A study in understanding and managing information technology, and strategic uses of IT and electronic commerce.
Information Technology Management Electives
MGT 6051    Introduction to Database Management Systems
The role of databases in the modern enterprise. Design and development of database systems. Applications in accounting, marketing, operations, and human resource systems.

MGT 6053    Data Communications for Management
Introductory data communication concepts. Data communication applications in organizations. Overview of data communications products and services available from a technology consumer perspective.

MGT 6056    Electronic Commerce
Searching for customers and suppliers. Serving customers electronically. Handling electronic transactions. Business model innovations in e-commerce. Less focused on the IT side, more on the business side.

MGT 6057    Business Process Analysis & Design
Explore software infrastructure of the firm. How does that infrastructure support the business' processes? Includes an ERP simulation game. Effective management of technology to gain competitive advantage. Involves use of SAP.
(This course is also part of the Business Analytics area.)

MGT 6058    IT Practicum
Learn to identify the key issues in a technology management problem. Understand the role of the IT organization within a corporate setting. Apply what you have learned in MIS and other core classes to contemporary information technology management projects. Develop alternative solutions for your project and understand the tradeoffs involved in each solution.

MGT 6059    Emerging Technologies
Analyze and make decisions around emerging technologies. Apply techniques for scanning the horizon for emerging technologies. Predict which technologies will be successful and why. Describe environments in which technologies emerge.

MGT 6450    Project Management
Learn project management concepts and understand tools of project selection, planning and tracking. Understand special considerations for managing projects with outsourcing/offshoring settings. Investigate new technologies related to project management. Understand how to use Microsoft Project and other tools to manage projects.
(This course is also part of the Business Analytics area.)

MGT 6451    Business Intelligence and Analytics
Understand the principles and practical elements of BI and analytics by comparing different approaches and analyzing emerging trends. Build a solid BI and analytics architecture and roadmap. Relate BI and analytics to data warehousing, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce. Understand potential ethical dilemmas related to applications of BI.

MGT 8803    Big Data Analytics in Business
This course teaches the scientific process of transforming data into insights for making better business decisions. It covers the methodologies, algorithms, issues, and challenges related to analyzing business data. It will illustrate the processes of big data analytics by allowing students to apply business analytics algorithms and methodologies to real-world business datasets from finance, marketing, and operations.
(This course is also part of the Business Analytics area.)