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Going global is no longer a novelty. It's vital to the growth of any business. Explore the path and processes of the successful internationalization of a firm. Gain a solid grasp of foreign direct investments. Develop analytical skills to describe, explain, and integrate sudden international shifts into a firm's strategic advantage. Prepare yourself for a successful career in an international business environment.

International Business Electives

MGT 6030    International Accounting
An overview of accounting issues arising from the increased internationalization of business. Topics include comparative financial reporting among countries and accounting treatments of international transactions.

MGT 6070    International Finance
Learn how to deal with exchange rate risk and market imperfections. Maximize benefit of expanded global opportunities. Explore foreign exchange risk management, international corporate governance, and cross-border M&A. Explore management of multinational firms.

MGT 6071    Multinational Financial Management
This course emphasizes decision making for the multinational firm amidst exchange rate fluctuations, differing tax structures across countries, and political risk via case discussion and analysis.

MGT 6116    Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in Organizational Behavior
Examine how managers and employees become more effective leaders by understanding the role gender, race, and ethnicity play in the life of the organization. Understand the way the majority views itself and what effect this has on change within the organization. We will explore how a leader can use an understanding of these divergent styles to enhance both the individual's and group's effectiveness.

MGT 6185    International Business Environment
Understand forces in the global environment shaping a company's operations, choices, and opportunities. Illustrate best practices of international business competitiveness. Case situations focus on different countries' environments, industries, etc. Sharpen knowledge of international business issues and trends.

MGT 6197    Global Strategic Management
Acquire knowledge, skills, and sensitivities to help in developing and executing global strategy. Understand global context, international competition, and cultural challenges. Learn strategic concepts, analytical frameworks, and heuristics for making decisions. Develop models for analyzing where to compete, where to locate, and what products to make.

MGT 6335    International Marketing
Understand the international competitive position of U.S. as well as foreign firms. Develop awareness of the environmental factors affecting international marketing. Understand the similarities and differences of international versus domestic marketing. Provides the knowledge and skills needed for the administration of the international marketing function. Introduce the international dimension of ethics and its complex issues.

MGT 6352    International Practicum
Sharpen your managerial skills in addressing a practical international and operational business problem. Work on a real-world problem with a cross-border dimension. Select a client-sponsored project, define the problem, work with the client, and present findings. Expand your knowledge of a specific regional economy and business culture.

MGT 6360    Global Operations
Understand the strategic thinking needed for successful management of global operations and how they can create a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations. Understand the key technological and management issues related to the successful management and coordination of global supply chains. Understand the viability of transferring supply chain operations to different market/operating environments.

MGT 8803    Uncertainties of the Emerging World
Gain a strategic understanding of geopolitical matters such as geography, natural resources, population, ethnicity, religion, and global finance. Understand how these issues shape international business and strategic decision making.

Graduate Certificate in International Business

This certificate allows graduate students to focus, during their second year, on the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively pursue a career in international business, investment or global operations. Special emphasis is given to functional foreign language capability, as well at the capacity to understand the dynamic economic, cultural, political and legal forces shaping international trade, investment and technology transfer. The certificate is only available for students pursuing a graduate degree in Georgia Tech


    The successful completion of:
        International Business Environment (Mgt 6185)
        International Finance (Mgt 6070)
        International Marketing (Mgt 6335)
        1 elective courses, selected in consultation with an academic advisor.
    A demonstrable functional proficiency in at least one foreign language, as early as practicable in the second year of the MBA program.
    An overseas experience, lasting from 3 to 6 months, in a country corresponding to his or her language of specialization. This overseas experience may consist of one of the following:
        A period of study of not less than one quarter at a partner business school for which the equivalent course credit will be granted.
        An internship in a foreign firm or organization or overseas subsidiary of an American corporation arranged by Georgia Tech or through one of our partner universities.
        A combination of the above two, sequentially or concurrently.