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MBA core courses are your academic foundation, and the breadth of electives provides the flexibility to tailor your MBA education around specific career goals and interests.

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The core curriculum consists of 30 semester hours (14 courses) and provides a solid academic foundation in the functional areas of business. Core courses prepare you to the most of of your elective coursework. Some core courses may be waived based on past academic work, professional work experience, or a waiver exam. If you qualify to waive a course, that course will be replaced with an elective.

Choose 24 hours of electives (eight courses) including one required international business course. Select electives completely in one area to gain a deeper knowledge base, or a wide array of courses to develop a broader perspective on the different areas of business management.

Choose from electives in a variety of discipilines including:


Business Analytics



Information Technology Management

International Business

Law and Ethics

Management of Technology


Operations Management

Organizational Behavior

Strategic Management


Whatever path you decide to take, we encourage you to think strategically to devise a program of study that will best meet your long-term professional goals. Graduate Office staff is happy to advise you on customizing the curriculum.

There's flexibility in choosing classes, designed to complement students' experiences and goals.
Charles A. Spencer
CEO, Zooz Mobile
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