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Today's companies need computer scientists and engineers who understand both market forces and the financial implications of technology investment. Also, in high demand are managers who understand the technical aspects of new product development, as well as the capabilities and constraints within the computing, engineering, and science disciplines.

Technology and Management Program
Denning Technology & Management Program
Class of 2014

The Steven A. Denning Technology & Management (T&M) Program creates successful, cross-functional leaders in technology and business-related fields by building upon Georgia Tech's outstanding program and curriculum.

The T&M Program focuses on a select group of undergraduate students from the Colleges of Business, Computing, and Engineering who offer interdisciplinary team solutions to real-world problems facing our Corporate Affiliates.

Each class emphasizes experiential learning and includes hands-on elements. Business and engineering students who complete the program earn a 22-credit minor in Engineering & Business. Computer Science and IT Management students earn a minor in Computing & Business.