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The Denning Technology & Management Program creates cross-functional leaders of the future through a rigorous curriculum, training in business communications, and frequent interaction with Corporate Affiliate executives.

As a new edition to our current Engineering & Business minor curriculum, we have recently added a minor in Computing & Business. This exciting minor is the only one of its kind nationwide. It is designed to produce computer scientists who understand market forces and the financial implications of technology investments and create managers who understand the relationship between software infrastructure, business processes, organizational structure, and business strategy in order to effectively manage information technology resources.   

For both minors, engineering and computing students will take business classes in marketing, finance, accounting, and investments.

Courses for business students pursuing the Engineering & Business minor include a hands-on design course, a primer in microelectronics and nanotechnology, and an engineering seminar series where the top researchers from across the campus discuss their cutting-edge research. Business students in the Computing & Business minor take courses in data analysis and next generation computing technologies.

The "together" classes, which are interdisciplinary in focus, allow students to study managing emerging technologies and new product and services development. In an integrated capstone project course, interdisciplinary teams focus on a specific problem posed by one of the program's Corporate Affiliates. These projects address problems of significant technical and managerial issues.

*Note: When registering for "together" courses non-management students must choose the MGT heading and business students must choose the ME or CS heading.

**Requires a Permit to register.

Engineering & Business Minor Curriculum
Fall First Year

Marketing Management I, MGT 3300**

Introduction to Microelectronics & Nanotechnology, COE 3002*

Analysis of Emerging Technologies, MGT or ME 3743*

Spring First Year

Financial and Managerial Accounting, MGT 3000

Cutting-Edge Technologies,  ME 3141

Managing Product, Service and Technology Development, MGT or ME 3744*

Fall Second Year

Finance and Investments, MGT 3078

Creative Decisions and Design, ME 2110

Integrative Management Development: Personal Leadership & Effective Teamwork - Capstone Preparation,
MGT or ME 4741*

Spring Second Year

Integrated Capstone Project, MGT or ME 4742* (4 hrs)

Computing & Business Minor Curriculum
Fall First Year

Marketing Management I, MGT 3300**

Data Manipulation for Science and Industry, CS 2316

Analysis of Emerging Technologies, MGT or CS 3743*

Spring First Year

Financial and Managerial Accounting, MGT 3000

Emerging Database Technologies and Applications, CS 4400


Database System Implementation, CS 4420

(Students should ensure that they have the necessary pre-requisites, which are either MGT 4058 or CS 4400)

Business Process Analysis and Design, MGT or CS 4057*

Fall Second Year

Finance and Investments, MGT 3078

Next Generation Computing Technologies, CS 4005

Integrative Management Development: Personal Leadership & Effective Teamwork -- Capstone Preparation, MGT or ME 4741*

Spring Second Year

Integrated Capstone Project, MGT or ME 4742* (4 hrs)

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Course Descriptions

MGT 3300 - Marketing Management I - 3 Hours Professor: TBD
Presents and develops the primary marketing variables that are used in designing an overall marketing program. A systems approach is taken with the variables managed to optimize overall results.

MGT 3000 - Financial & Managerial Accounting - 3 Hours Professor: TBD
A foundation course in measuring and reporting the financial performance and status of the firm as well as basic concepts in cost and managerial accounting.

ME 2110 - Creative Decisions and Design - 3 Hours Professor:  Johnathan Colton
Learn fundamental techniques for creating, analyzing, synthesizing, and implementing design solutions to open- ended problems with flexibility, adaptability, and creativity through team and individual efforts.

COE 3002 -  Introduction to Microelectronics & Nanotechnology Revolution - 3 Hours Professor:  John Cressler
An introductory course on the general scientific and engineering underpinnings of microelectronics/nanotechnology providing the background to engineering and non-specialist students.  Open to business students enrolled in the Technology & Management Minor Program.

ME 3141 - Cutting-Edge Technologies - 3 Hours Professor:  David Ku
Seminar series studying background and primary sources of engineering technologies. Students will gain familiarity with some of the most advanced research topics addressing major technological challenges of today. Journal articles will be discussed in a lay-friendly manner to move beyond the math. Guest speakers will include distinguished Georgia Tech faculty and researchers, and corporate researchers from around the world. Students will have an opportunity for small group interaction with these experts in an informal setting. Required for all business students in the T&M Program and open to all engineering students in the T&M Program.

MGT or ME 3743* - Analysis of Emerging Technologies - 3 Hours Professor:  Karthik Ramachandran
A general overview of the process for developing new products, services and technologies. Students will receive a mix of lectures, case study discussions and several in classroom “exercises” that aim to convey the difficulties that managers face when they deal with cross disciplined teams of marketing manufacturing and engineering. A key aspect of the course is the ongoing semester project that the students will conduct in strictly enforced cross disciplined teams with the goal to develop an innovative product or service. The course provides the basic fundamentals of different perspectives (marketing vs. engineering) and integrates them into a coherent “theory” of product development.

MGT or ME 4741* - Integrative Management Development: Personal Leadership & Effective Teamwork - Capstone Preparation - 3 Hours Professor: TBD
Individual and group based experiential learning activities to develop integrated human system management skills that prepare students for more successful capstone collaboration and learning.

MGT or ME 4742* - Integrated Capstone Project - 4 Hours Professor: Ravi Subramanian
The capstone projects are provided by corporate sponsors and deal with real problems of significance to the sponsor. The students will work in small interdisciplinary teams along with the faculty advisor and the corporate sponsor to provide turn-key solutions that can be implemented by the sponsor.

*Note: When registering for Together courses Engineering students must choose the MGT heading and Business students must choose the ME heading.

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