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The Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ILE) is an interdisciplinary unit of Georgia Tech that is engaged in pedagogy and research related to leadership and entrepreneurship for socially responsible and sustainable value creation.

Housed in the interdisciplinary area of the Scheller College of Business building at Technology Square, ILE bridges units across and beyond campus to increase and enhance the learning opportunities available to those who aspire to become effective leaders in a complex, global arena.

ILE encourages individuals and organizations to create added value for society by focusing on a triple bottom-line. Through its pedagogical and programmatic initiatives, the Institute encourages members of every discipline and industry to take the social and environmental impacts of their actions into consideration, alongside economic results, when making everyday business decisions.

ILE works closely with departments and units across Georgia Tech, and connects with outside organizations, to enhance the multidisciplinary learning opportunities available to students. By bringing together students, researchers, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and members of local and global communities, ILE creates unique learning experiences that serve to increase awareness about issues that matter and to facilitate change. The Institute’s multidisciplinary programs and classes aim to prepare students to become effective, responsible leaders in today’s complex, global arena.Notable

  • IMPACT Speaker Series - A weekly speaker series that brings local and national leaders to campus for weekly lectures.
  • Ideas to Serve Competition - A student competition that encourages seeking creative solutions to social and environmental problems.
  • Budapest Study Abroad Program - A unique summer study abroad opportunity focused on leading social innovation, where students have the opportunity to learn and work in a less traditional environment.
  • The Minor in Leadership Studies - A program for undergraduate students from all GT majors that enables them to build their leadership capacity and skills through classroom learning and active engagement with local and national leaders.
  • Faculty Leadership Roundtable - An ongoing program that facilitates dialog and relationship building among Georgia Tech faculty.

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