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Interdisciplinary Programs

Management of Technology Graduate Certificate

The Management of Technology (MOT) Certificate is awarded by the Scheller College of Business. It is an interdisciplinary program whose curriculum design reflects collaboration across every college on the Georgia Tech campus.

The goal is to provde a foundation for managerial decision-making in organizations driven by developments in technology and science. The MOT Certificate Program addresses the creation, implementation and integration of technological and scientific innovations to drive the strategic and operational objectives of an organization.

The program is designed to serve Georgia Tech graduate students (MBA and non-MBA alike) who, while possessing a strong scientific or technical background, recognize the importance of developing knowledge to facilitate the transfer of technical and scientific expertise into innovations that impact the competitive marketplace. A student who completes the MOT Certificate will have the multi-functional perspective necessary to meet the managerial challenges encountered while attempting to create competitive advantage from technical and scientific knowledge.

Each MOT student completes a required core course offered jointly by the Scheller College of Business and the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering. In addition, each MOT student develops an individualized program of study by selecting three electives from an approved list. The MOT Certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete all certificate requirements and earn a graduate degree from Georgia Tech.

After earning a graduate degree from Georgia Tech, a student may apply for the MOT Certificate by sending an email to , Program Director, Scheller College of Business. The written request should list the courses taken to fulfill the certificate requirements, the semester the courses were taken, and the corresponding grades earned. In addition, each student should indicate the graduate degree earned at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the complete date of graduation.

The certificate will be mailed to the student following processing by the College of Business. Processing may take several weeks after graduation to complete. Therefore, it is imperative that the student includes his/her complete address, phone, and if possible an email address, where the student can be located during the subsequent months.

There are four major requirements that must be met to receive the Management of Technology Certificate. The requirements given below are supplemental to the certificate requirements set forth by the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

• A student must complete a graduate degree in any academic unit of Georgia Tech.
• A student must complete the MOT core course with a grade of B or better.
• A student must complete three MOT electives, each with a grade of B or better.
• A required course in a student's major program of study cannot be used to meet the elective requirement for the MOT Certificate (Georgia Institute of Technology policy). However, a course taken as an elective in a student's major program of study may be used to meet the elective requirement for the MOT Certificate, assuming the course appears on the approved MOT elective list.

From time to time, program requirements will be updated reflecting new course offerings as well as input from students, faculty, and prospective employers. If, at a future time, program requirements change, students will have the option of meeting the new requirements or of satisfying the requirements in place when they began their program of study.

Core Course

MGT-ISyE 6772 - Management of Technology: Managing Resources of the Technological Firm

The instructors of this 3-credit course include Professor Cheryl Gaimon, Georgia Tech's Scheller College of Business. The course is offered in the fall and spring semesters.

The focus of this course is the analysis of the challenges associated with managing a firm's resource capabilities for long-term competitive advantage. Particular emphasis is placed on planning under conditions including rapid technological innovation (in products and processes), international competition, and changing markets. We cover methods to develop (innovate), design (plan), measure (assess), and improve (change) technological capabilities for manufacturing and service firms.

Students are exposed to cases in actual manufacturing and service domains, readings from publications such as the Harvard Business Review, and leading research in academic journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly, Management Science, and Production and Operations Management. The course requirements include exams and case analyses. For the cases, students work in interdisciplinary teams to analyze firm problems. Selected topics are below.

I. Improving Performance of Resource Capabilities
Improving firm performance in manufacturing and service domains (cost, time, quality, variety) through product-process design integration, project management, supply chain management, and resource flexibility.

II. Technological Innovation, Diffusion, and Transfer
Sources of innovation; product versus process innovation; revolutionary versus evolutionary innovation; collaborative innovation; product versus industry life cycles; technology-S curves; disruptive versus sustaining technologies; and fostering innovation.

III. Strategy, Knowledge and Organizations
Core capabilities and rigidities; leader versus follower; exit-entry strategies; knowledge-based resources; knowledge creation and transfer within and between firms; organization design and managerial incentives; control versus empowerment; organizational culture.

IV. Measuring Performance and Change Management
Justification of new technology; knowledge worker productivity; process change including business process re-engineering; managing uncertainty; technology choice; implementation of new technology and workforce management; dynamics of disruption and learning.


The courses that may be used to meet the 9-credit hour elective requirement for the MOT Certificate are listed below. Important information on prerequisites is provided. Course descriptions appear in the General Catalog. For course schedules and information beyond that provided here, students should directly contact the appropriate academic unit.

Note to Non-MBA Students:  MBA electives are open to non-business graduate students, as space permits, toward the end of registration. This policy ensures that MBA students meet the requirements of their academic degree. Pease check the registration system periodically for admission to elective courses. Also, most MBA electives are offered in one semester each year. MBA courses are not offered in summer semester.

Note: Courses designated in the Oscar and course catalog as "MOT xxxx" are open only to students enrolled in the Executive MBA-MOT Program. Courses designated in the Oscar as "MGT xxxx E" are only open to Evening MBA students.

MGT 6000 Financial and Managerial Accounting I*
One section is open to non-MBA students. This course does not fall within the mainstream MOT domain. However, the course is included in the list of MOT electives because it exposes students to fundamental management concepts that have relevance to MOT decision-makers. *NOTE to MBA students: This course may not be used to meet the elective requirement for the MOT Certificate since it is a required course in your degree program.

MGT 6056 Electronic Commerce
The prerequisite is waived for students who have completed the core course MGT-ISyE 6772.

MGT 6057 Business Process Analysis and Design
The prerequisite is waived for students who have completed the core course MGT-ISyE 6772.

MGT 6059 Analysis of Emerging Technologies
The prerequisite is waived for students who have completed the core course MGT-ISyE 6772.

MGT 6086 Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity
Contact Professor Narayanan Jayaraman for permission if you have not met the prerequisite for this course (MGT 6060).

MGT 6111 Innovation; Entrepreneurial Behavior

MGT 6165 New Venture Creation

MGT 6450 Project Management
The prerequisite is waived for students who have completed the core course MGT-ISyE 6772.

MGT 6326 Collaborative Product Development
The prerequisite is waived for students who have completed the core course MGT-ISyE 6772.

MGT 6353 Operations Strategy
The prerequisite is waived for students who have completed the core course MGT-ISyE 6772.

MGT 6359 Business Strategies for Sustainability
The prerequesite is waived for students who have completed the core course MGT-ISyE 6772.

MGT-ME-ECE-CHE-BMED 6789 Technology Ventures

MGT-ME 6799 Legal Issues in Technology Transfer

PubP 6401 Science, Technology and Public Policy