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  • Scheller College Tailors Custom Program for China Mobile's Top Executives

    Twenty-eight top executives from China Mobile, the leading mobile services, provider in mainland China, traveled to Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business for the custom program “IT Transformation and Innovation in the Digital Age.”

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  • Study: Early Bottlenecks in Developing Biopharmaceutical Products Delay Commercialization

    An analysis of patented university inventions licensed to biotechnology firms has revealed early bottlenecks on the path to commercialization, according to Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business researchers.

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  • Alumni Profile: Joseph W. Evans Boosting Value of Tech's Business Degrees

    Joe Evans wasn't sent to college to discover the meaning of life or to "find himself." He was sent to college for one primary reason: "to make myself employable," the 1971 industrial management graduate says matter-of-factly.

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  • Scheller Professors Receive Numerous Honors

    Widely recognized for excellence in teaching and research, faculty members of Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business continue to raise the business school's profile through their professional activities and honors.

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  • 2015 Startup Competition Starts Now: Tech Graduate Students Can Form Teams, Register

    Are you an aspiring entrepreneur at Georgia Tech? Do you want to learn how to launch a startup by doing instead of just talking? If so, then the 2015 Georgia Tech Startup Competition could be your golden ticket.

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